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The Vocational Engineering Education New Zealand (VEE.NZ) Board consists of 12 people. There are four provider representatives, nominated representatives from engineering-related WDC's (2), four industry representatives and one Māori Hāpu or Iwi representative.

    The Board is responsible for:

    • Providing strategic oversight of the unified system of vocational engineering qualifications.
    • Governing and guiding the education and training for engineering technicians and technologists through collaboration between industry, providers and workforce development councils.
    • Ensuring the qualifications continue to meet the needs of industry, students and providers offering higher level qualifications.
    • Ensuring that the NZDE (Dublin Accord) and BEngTech (Sydney Accord) continue to meet the requirements of the international accords.

    Board members

    Industry Representatives
    • Matthew Sledmore (Chair) - Downer Group NZ
    • Trent Fearnly - Gordian Executive Consultants Ltd
    • Jim Muir - WSP Consultants Ltd
    • Norman Evans - Independent
    Provider Representatives
    • Richard Nyhof - Te Pūkenga
    • John Findlay - Otago Polytechnic 
    • Mathew Thomas - The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
    Workplace Development Councils Representatives
    • Mike Grumball - Waihanga Ara Rau
    • Samantha McNaughton - Hanga Aro Rau
    Quality Assurance Committee Chair
    • Mike Grumball - Waihanga Ara Rau
    Operations Committee Chair
    • Hugh Wilson - Unitec
    • Institute of Technology (Unitec)
    VEE NZ Secretariat
    • Michael Baines - Executive Officer
    • Lisette Prendé -Board Coordinator